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Top 5 Tips to Maximize your Formal Recruitment Experience

Going into formal recruitment, I am guessing you feel excited, but also unsure of what to expect from the process. I felt the same way two years ago, but I am here to argue that you already know how to approach formal recruitment. Why? Finding your fit in a sorority chapter is like the process of choosing your perfect prom dress. 

Maybe you were not able to rock that prom dress this year because of – uh – a global pandemic so let’s live through the prom dress search together as we nail five tips to maximize your formal recruitment experience. 

  1. Do your research 

I don’t know about you, but when I looked for a prom dress, I scoured the internet to figure out what dresses and styles I wanted to look for in person. Similarly, with sorority chapters, doing your research is key to creating a clear picture of what you want from a new sisterhood. Stalking chapters’ Instagram accounts is key (and socially acceptable here)! Also try making a list of characteristics you want from a sisterhood and stick to searching for those characteristics throughout recruitment. I wanted to find a group of women that would push me to grow in my character and confidence. Reminding myself of this desire led me to choose ADPi on Preference Day! 

  1. Be confident

One of my favorite lines in the ADPi creed establishes the standard of “confidence tempered with humility”. Just like you want to find a prom dress that makes you feel confident when you walk into the dance, wear outfits during recruitment that make you feel comfortable and show your personality. I had just gotten a pair of fun glasses that I was unsure of wearing on the first day of recruitment, but they became a conversation starter!

Other ways to show confidence as you go through recruitment are to smile and make eye contact, position your body toward who you are talking to, talk about what makes you passionate, and give the why behind your answers to the recruiters’ questions. Here is where the tempered with humility part comes in. Give your full effort and attention at every chapter’s rounds even if you don’t think that chapter is your best fit. The recruiters are nervous too!

  1. Be observant and weigh all the factors

You would not buy a prom dress without closely examining the details and the fit of the dress, so in a similar way, being observant during each recruitment round is important. Some practical ways to be observant during recruitment are to notice how the chapter members interact with each other (can you see yourself in that sisterhood?), to remember the recruiters name as you enter and leave the conversation (this shows that you genuinely care), and take thorough notes after each round (to record your experiences, thoughts, and feelings). Then, you can use these notes and observations as you make decisions about what chapters to return to each day. Pro and con lists were my favorite way to weigh these decisions! 

  1. Find your fit

Just like choosing a prom dress is a personal decision, finding your new sorority home should be personal as well. You may be tempted to be swayed by a family member who is an alumni of a certain sorority or your roommate who is also going through recruitment, but remember that you are deciding where you feel most at home. The most important aspect to finding your fit is focusing on women in the chapter because the friendships are what will last years beyond college. A way to gain clarity about if you would fit into a chapter is to ask questions back to the women you talk to in each chapter. Recruiters love to talk about their chapter and why they call it home. And if you love the chapter too, don’t be afraid to express your interest!

  1. Enjoy the process 

Just like the number of times you get to choose that perfect prom dress is limited, you only get to go through formal recruitment once! Pretend like you are trying on different prom dresses as you visit different chapter facilities, talk to members of the chapters, and make new friends. The process is fun! Just remember, you have already made a great decision to join the K-State family and go Greek. Joining ADPi at K-State has provided me with lifelong friends, cross-campus connections, and countless memories. This “fit” of a sorority, rather than one you wear for one night, will be with you for a lifetime!

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