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Meet Ella Bahr

My name is Ella Bahr, and I serve as the Vice President of Marketing for the Alpha Eta chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at Kansas State University.  We decided to create this blog to have another platform in order to offer a glimpse into our sisterhood, and to highlight the unique women who are the foundation of our chapter.  We want you to be able to understand our values, and give you an opportunity to see if you can see yourself writing ADPI into your story.  I remember early on in my Freshman year of college, I was asked to reflect on my sorority experience thus far.  I wrote:

“Throughout recruitment week, I knew there was something special about the women in this chapter, and now after the last few weeks, I am truly starting to understand what it is that makes these women so incredible.  First, they are all intelligent, confident, women, but they are also humble.  They are all absolutely radiant in their selfless love for each other, and it is obvious that their open  motto “We Live For Each Other,” is truly incorporated in their everyday lifestyles.  Their capacity for kindness seems to be limitless, and is inspiring.  I look up to the other women in the house, for they share all the qualities of who I strive to be, and I know that they will challenge me to be the best version of myself.”

Looking back on those words, they still ring true, a testament to the nature of the women in this chapter.  Even as pledge classes graduate, and new women are initiated, the core values and the character of each woman remains the same.  This chapter has pushed me to grow academically, professionally, and personally, and I can truly say the other women serve not only as my friends, but are my role models as well.  Alpha Delta Pi encourages women to “Be The First,” embodying the spirit of female empowerment to challenge norms, stereotypes, and boundaries, and giving them the courage to take the first step.  In our chapter, this manifests itself in strong academic records, a plethora of leadership roles and involvement across our campus, countless hours of community service, and a combination of both fearlessness and authenticity in friendships and relationships.  

We hope that this blog captures the essence of what our sorority truly is, for after all in Alpha Delta Pi we believe that our sorority is “more than ritual or a symbol: that it is a way of life” - Alpha Delta Pi Creed

Happy reading,

Ella Bahr

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