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Alpha Letter from Sophie Easter

Dear Sisters,

My name is Sophie Easter, and I am a freshman in Alpha Delta Pi. I am majoring in Marketing and Sales. I am currently serving in the Philanthropy Committee, and I am very excited to serve not just our chapter but our community as well. I am excited to see what this year has in hold for me and the chapter as well. My involvement at Kansas State includes being Vice President of Administration for Pi Sigma Epsilon and a Sales Cat Community. My first semester at Kansas State has been nothing short of incredible, and I cannot wait to see what this semester and has in store for me as a student and a member of Alpha Delta Pi.

I have chosen to write about my favorite parts about being apart of a sorority. First off, at the beginning of the first semester, I was very nervous about going to a school that was two hours away from all my family and friends. Until one of my close family friends told me I should consider going through recruitment and that was one of the best advice someone could have given me. Right away Alpha Delta Pi gave me my home away from home and for that, I am forever grateful. From the very first day I stepped into Alpha Delta Pi I felt instantly that I was included and loved and I have never felt that before which was so incredible feeling. One of the things I love most about ADPi is that everyone has their own personalities and value which is what makes this place such a unique sisterhood. I have found some of my best friends through this sisterhood and I can’t wait for these relationships to prosper and grow throughout the upcoming years. Being in a sorority has helped me push myself to become a well-rounded person and I owe all my thanks to Alpha Delta Pi. 


Sophie Easter

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