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Alpha Letter from Liz Hildreth

Dear Sisters, 

My name is Liz Hildreth and I am currently a sophomore ADPi. While here at K-State, I am majoring in Athletic Training with a minor in Kinesiology. One of the highlights of my major has been my acceptance into the K-State Athletic Training Program, which has exposed me to the field of athletic training more than I could have imagined. In just my first year within the program I have had the opportunity to work with Council Grove High School, as well as the K-State Track and Field team. My time with the program has definitely had its challenges, but working amongst those athletes and athletic trainers has been so rewarding. 

Since joining ADPi in 2017, my favorite part of sorority life by far has been living in house with all of my pledge class. Through living in I have been able to deeper my connections made with girls from freshmen year, as well as get to know girls that I had only spoken a few words to prior to move in. Some of my all time favorite moments have come from Saturday morning brunches in the dining room, Bachelor watch parties in the rec room, or even just nights spent staying up way too late in one another’s room. By living around these people and watching them follow their passions day in and day out, I too am motivated to become my best self and achieve all my goals set for me. No other environment than this Pi Home has welcomed me with all my flaws, loved me for who I am, lifted me up in times of hardship, or shown what it truly means to find self-happiness.


Liz Hildreth

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