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Alpha Letter from Fadia Husseini

Dear Sisters, 

My name is Fadia Husseini, and I am a freshman ADPi at Kansas State University. I was 

originally born in Manhattan, KS, but I am now living in Omaha, NE and studying Animal 

Science and Industry with a Pre-Vet option. I am extremely excited to be studying about my dream job, and I cannot wait to see what the future hold for me. For now I am involved in many things across the Kansas State campus including: Pre-Vet club, Veterinary Voyagers Club, PAWS, KSU Cancer Fighters, and of course Alpha Delta Pi. My goal for the future is definitely to make it into Vet school and someday own a practice near my family because they are very near and dear to my heart. 

When I graduate, although it is a few years away, I will miss ADPi so much. ADPi has 

become a new branch in my family and every woman who I have come in contact with inside my chapter has shown me nothing but love and respect. Every woman is truly unique and offers such wonderful characteristics to the chapter that makes us who we are. I will miss living in and being surrounded by seventy other outstanding women who make me laugh, cry, and keep me up all night. I will also miss our precious Mom Deb who make our whole house glow with affection as she takes on the role of being a mother of 154 crazy girls. That has to be one tough job if you ask me. I will also miss our beautiful home, the house we all live in fits our chapter perfectly and has a beautiful homey feel with its old charm and cottage like appearance. Overall once I graduate I 

will miss all of ADPi as a whole because of the lessons I have been taught, and the memories I have made that will stick with me as I continue to live my life as a Pi. 


Fadia Husseini

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