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If you ask any member of our chapter this question, you'll get a wide variety of responses. Each member has their own reason for not only why they chose ADPi during recruitment, but why they choose ADPi every single day. A common theme among these reasons is our sisterhood. Alph Eta prides itself on our genuine sisterhood, full of laughs, support, and true friendship. 518 stands as a home away from home for all of our sisters from near and far who look to build life-long relationships. Here are some fun, sisterhood events that we share!


Homecoming is a huge event at K-State! Each year our sorority is paired with a fraternity on campus in which we create a float, WRL dance, Pant the Chant, spirit signs, Paint the Ville and more! We love this tradition especially since it allows us to bond with our sisters and have some friendly competition.



The last and best part of recruitment week is when we get to welcome our girls home. Bid day is a day that sticks with every alpha. We get to start out by sharing what it is like to be an ADPi and bonding over delicious snacks. The night is ended with a dance session in the passion pit.


The retreat is a place where we familiarize the new members with the ways of our chapter. We have information sessions about bylaws and code of conduct. The day ends where every new alpha gets a diamond sister, which is a delta status member.  



Every fall we invite our dads down for a weekend and plan events they would enjoy. Usually we attend a K-State football game along with a variety of other activities around Manhattan. Such activities include breakfast at the house, tailgates for the game and more. In the spring we do something similar to dad’s weekend but with our moms! Girls can even invite grandmas and sisters to this weekend as well. We plan a variety of events for all of them, including a brunch, raffle, class dinner and more!


Throughout the year we hold a bunch of sisterhood events at the house for girls in different classes to get to know each other more. We have had everything from face masks and movies, to decorating cookies, to energy ball making. 



This year, ADPi had a "Country vs. Country Club" themed social. This gave girls the opportunity to get creative with their outfits and costumes. Socials are a fun way for our members to mingle with ADPis of any age and their dates. 


For the final social of the fall semester, all the members put on their fancy dresses and heels to dance the night away at a venue at our formal. We also do senior superlatives, which younger members vote on how the seniors have impacted ADPi through out the years. Girls can bring a date or a friend to make the night an even more enjoyable experience. To relieve some stress before midterms, we hold a semi formal in the spring that is similar to our formal. This is one of our last events before the end of the school year.



Another way for our girls to get to know each other is to get involved with intramurals. We have every team from basketball to volleyball-- a sport for every season. This is a great way for girls to stay active and have fun with their sisters!

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